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Tom Clancy's EndWar Doesn't End With End War Online

By JcDent11-09-2013

Remember EndWar? Neither do we, if you do a review search. But the fact remains: it was. It was a PC AND console RTS (because that always bodes well) game where in the near future, USA, EU and Russia went to war because convoluted reasons and hackneyed writing (the Russians were to blame). It featured voice control for units, unit upgrades, veterancy and persistency... and pretty much that's everything good you can say about the game. It came two years after Company of Heroes, but lacked said games' the intimate clutter of  maps (this is a problem with most post CoH RTS, except for Wargame and Ruse, since you're never that close to the ground), the sexy intimacy of battle, unit quotes and, moving away from CoH, visual appeal. The US and EU looked as generically futuristic as possible while the Russians wore power ushankas and nano-Cold War-gasmasks. Tom Clancy is so far away from this game that the only tie-ins are Ghost Recon and Rainbow troops mentioned serving as commanders.

Anyways, now it's going to be a a browser game. As Polygon reports, the game is going to be some sort of hybrid of RTS and tower defense, meaning no fun for anyone (or just stealing ideas from the Command and Conquer browser game). You'll have units, those units will have a rock paper scissors balance, this will undoubtedly be fun. Expect both PvP battles and a shortish PvE campaign (I watched the EndWar campaign victory videos on YouTube. We're not in for something good here).

The game is scheduled to start closed beta at the end of this year.

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