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Today we Celebrate our WTFness Day!

By Bobfish03-07-2013

Ladies and gentleman, welcome back to the world of Saints Row.
'Nuff said.

"We will fight them in the skies! We will fight them in the streets! We will fight them...in text based roleplaying adventures...!"

Seriously, what more do I need to say? The video speaks for itself. Actually, the title speaks for itself. It's Saints Row. Saints Row is crazy. This trailer is no exception. It simply raises the crazy bar to a whole new level of "dafuq did I just watch and where do I find more?"

Well, dear reader, what you just watched is the offical UK ('cause fuck Pierce) Independence Day trailer for Saints Row IV. Fun fact, we don't celebrate Independence day, but who cares? It's Saints Row dude. As for where you find more, well, you know the game is already up for pre-order on Steam right?

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Posts: 3290

That's actually a very good question. I expect so. In fact, I expect you can do more than just hit them. I think, from the sounds of it, you can also hit dat

Posts: 351

So can I hit people with dildo bats still?

Posts: 3290

Yes, yes it did

Posts: 267

The film really served as an inspiration for this trailer.

Posts: 3290

Some people like that.

As for the visuals, they addressed that at E3. Short version "lol, consoles"

Posts: 341

Saints Row.. why are they always so bad and over the top?

Oh and graphics still cartoony.