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To Sherlock Holmes She is Always "The Woman"

By Bobfish21-10-2015

The world's greatest detective is back to flex his intellectual muscle once again. After the not at all insignificant success of Crimes and Punishments which I not only reviewed, but also gleefully Let's Played, he has found himself a new home with Bigben Interactive. Which is disappointing for me, to an extent, as I'm quite the Focus Home Interactive fanboy. But judging by what little we are seeing already, he does not seem to have suffered overly much from the move.

It's unclear who the titular "Devil's Daughter" will be, and she could well be an entirely new character. But safe money would, most certainly, go on her being Irene Adler. Arguably the only person to ever truely foil Holmes, though he has intimated that he was bested four times in his career. Three times by men, who generally only avoided justice, as opposed to fully besting him. Wheras Adler out and out flummoxed him to the extent she even, playfully, chided him for his failure by literally handing him the case after her departure in the short story A Scandal in Bohemia.

I really do hope it's her, because that story is one which really shows the complexity of the character. Fun fact, one oft ignored, is that Holmes was an unashamed sexist. Though he was also a very considerate and painfully English gentleman at the same time. And the Bohemia story is one which highlights his more vulnerable aspects, perhaps even more so than his accidental engagement in The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton.

Time will tell. But please, do let it be so.

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Posts: 1317

To clarify: Imagine 'Crimes And Punishments' getting more stand-alone cases in the form of DLC packs, that each cost maybe 5-10 bucks. I'd easily buy some of those.

Posts: 1317

Of all the games that get post-launch DLC, the one that fits it the most - Sherlock Holmes: Crimes And Punishment - gets none at all.

It's proof that the industry at large has no clue how to do DLC right.