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To Infinity And Beyond…But Not Just Yet

By BloodyFanGirl05-06-2014

Last month we covered Infinity Runner, a game that puts players in the running shoes of a prisoner desperately trying to escape a crumbling space ship and avoid the last living werewolf in the process. Developer Wales Interactive have sent out a press release yesterday saying that they will be pushing back the game's release date from June 2nd to the beginning of July. They explained in the press release that they've had to do this as they have two Wii-U titles coming out very soon as well and this "has really stretched [the indie developer] resource wise". The developer asserted that the game was in a complete state but the next few weeks would allow the team to give it an extra coat of polish.

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I'm cool with that. Better an extra month than an unplayable game ja? Master Reboot is an incredible game, but the crash issue it was plagued with in the first couple weeks was infuriating. I'd prefer avoiding that this time around