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To Holmes she was Always 'The Woman'

By Bobfish21-01-2014

Olga Ryzhko, of Frogwares, decided to torment us with a PC vs Console comparison blog, replete with screenshots, for Crimes and Punishments yesterday. We'll get to the vs part in a moment, for now let's take a look at the new screens. The five we have here are from the PC build of the game, and do actually show more than you might think. There are several more, but those are for the 360 and PlayStation 3 releases, so those are less important to us. But if you want to see them, you can always click through on the link above.

The thing that actually stands out most for me is not the notebook, which I'm sure will be a most interesting tool within the game. Or even the clear demonstration of interacting with clues in a fully three dimensional environment. Nay, 'tis the site of dear old Holmes in a blindfold. That does not call to mind any of his cases, leaving me to suggest that those contained within, at least some, will be entirely new. And that is a most intriguing proposition.

As for the PC vs Console shenanigans...the lady Ryzhko made the rather amusing claim that there are no major differences between the platforms insofar as capabilities. Which would be like putting a scateboard next to a Harrier jumpjet and saying they're both practically the same. Having said that, the game looks pretty damn purdy across all three versions, though the PC has some clear advantages in shading and texture resolution.

The final thing that jumped out at me is that we now have a semi-confirmed release window of Q2. Still a bit broad for my tates, but considering Frogwares are now working on another game, that leads me to the conclusion that we will be seeing it in the early half as opposed to the latter. April perhaps?

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