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Titans Fall March 11, PC Among The Pilots

By MrJenssen23-10-2013

Titanfall - the new shooter from some of the people behind Call of Duty 1, 2 and 4 who then jumped ship and formed Respawn Entertainment under EA's banner - is right around the corner, it seems. According to a slew of "new" trailers as well as a pre-order site, Titanfall will be releasing on March 11th, 2014. And no, we won't get any Ubisoft-esque bullshit shenanigans where the PC version is to be released later. No, Respawn and EA have enough respect for the PC to do that, it seems. The PC version will be releasing on the exact same day as all the other two billion versions of the game.

As if that wasn't enough, you can check out some new videos embedded above and below! If you've been living under a rock for the past six months, you'll want to check out the recycled gameplay footage from last summer, embedded below. Above, we have a video where various people say that they think the game is really really cool - and even one guy in a baseball cap with a prophecy that Titanfall will change the FPS genre forever. You know, since it's the first game in history to feature mechs, jetpacks and warfare in gray-looking cities.

Also, if you have additional money to throw away, you can go and pick up the $250 collector's edition that'll include the game, an art book, some DLC and a plastic statue with functional LED lights. Wooooow.

Okay, so I sound awfully sarcastic here. It's good to know that the game is out as early March 11, and that we're getting it on the PC at the same time as the consoles. Not to mention that the game itself apparently looks so groundbreakingly awesome that it has people eating their pants in anticipation. But come on... $250 for a plastic figure and an art book? And couldn't they at least have given us some new gameplay to gaze at, to go along with the release date announcement?

First world problems, I suppose. Will you be getting the collector's edition? Or is perhaps the game a little more important to you? Sound off below!

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Posts: 124

Given that it's the Source Engine, I expect the game to run smoother than a stick of butter over a frozen lake.

Posts: 3290

Impressive to see a release date announced so early

Posts: 267

11th of March, a guaranteed free day )

Posts: 1548

I cant wait for this game!