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Titans Ain't the Only Titanic Thing in Titanfall

By Kathy_McGraw28-02-2014

According to Vince Zampella, Titanfall, which releases March 11, will require a download of 21 gigabytes and have a total install size of 48 gigabytes. This is not surprising considering the amount of detail that went into creating this game. Jessica Chobot interviewed some of the development team about what went into making the Titans. In short – a lot!

Lead artist Joel Emslie spent a lot of time on the design of the Titans, going so far as to create 3D models of them that he adjusted as the game's development progressed. He wanted to individualize each mech with its own personality. The Titans' looks have a distinct Japanese influence, blended with Western design, according to Emslie, who is a fan of Japanese anime. In addition, each one has its own melee attacks and Titanfall.

To make the movements as fluid as possible, the team put stuntmen up on stilts in motion capture to simulate how a Titan might move. If you read our preview of the game, you already know that the animation is pretty awesome.

Another challenge the team faced was making it possible for players to fight on foot as well as from within Titans. While the big mechs can do a lot of damage and can crush a pilot with their weight, the pilot has weapons that help him stay alive. A smart pilot can even take out a Titan with the right tactics.

There aren't too many games that let you play from both in and outside a mech, so it will be interesting to see the final product. I also hope that the large install size means that the Respawn team have increased the graphics quality for the PC.

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That's why they're starting the preload so early then!