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Titanfall War Games DLC Map

By NAG3LT28-04-2014

After a short announcement of the Expedition DLC earlier this month we finally get a better look of one of the maps in it. War Games is set inside a simulator and will combine some areas from Angel City, Rise and Airbase Sierra into a single map, glued together by areas with classical clean VR look. Many additional VR wallrunning paths are present in the map encouraging players to use this method to navigate the terrain quickly.

The combination of known parts of maps with the completely new environments should look and play in an interesting fashion. Is it worth the price Respawn asks for it? Two other maps have yet to be revealed. This question will only be answered after the pack is released.

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Posts: 267

I don't think so. While many creators are the same, the CoD and its maps belong to Activision. They are very unlikely to give Respawn the permission to do that. With that, seeing Counter Strike maps in the Titanfall is more likely than getting CoD ones.

Posts: 297

I wonder if they'd take requests on recreating some of my favourite Call of Duty arenas..