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Titanfall's Game Director Talks PC

By CameronW14-02-2014

Rock Paper Shotgun had a huge interview with Titanfall's game director Steve Fukuda to talk about pretty much everything Titanfall. The interview covered subjects like modding, PC options, DLC, and the reasons behind not creating a single player campaign as well as a few other things that I won't list here at risk of being tedious.

Here's a quote from the interview about PC vs Console stuff, you can read the rest of the interview here. Trust me, if you're interested in Titanfall it's a great read.

"RPS: We know all about your plans for Xbox One, but how are you catering Titanfall to PC as a platform? What sorts of tweaks and upgrades are you making, if any?

Fukuda: We've got the FOV slider. We've got mouse acceleration in there. Those sorts of things. But in terms of gameplay, the game is going to play exactly the same on PC.

RPS: Hm, that's a bit of an odd choice given that I could see guns like, say, the lock-on-powered Smart Pistol being vastly less significant when everyone can aim really quickly with a mouse. You're not rebalancing any weapons or items for PC in the slightest?

Fukuda: I think the weapon itself works quite well even in the PC context. We've played with it and tested it in the office. It does well with both new players and experienced ones.

RPS: Are you going to allow for private servers or anything like that?

Fukuda: We haven't made any promises to that extent. We're taking into account a lot of feedback from the community and our intention is to evolve the game and develop it further. We definitely have plans. On Xbox, we have the servers of Xbox Live compute, which don't force any one player to take on the responsibility of the host at any one time. Having that operate on a very large scale is key to the game."

Somehow I don't find PCs not being the main development platform surprising anymore. The good news is that there isn't a dog companion for you to befriend, but fish AI isn't entirely out of the question. Are these Call of Duty jokes old yet?

Titanfall seems to be coming together quite nicely. The beta signup is still available if you haven't got around to it yet, but you only have about a day left. Get to it!

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Posts: 23

You have till the 18th before you know if you didn't get one or not.

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I sign up for a Beta code, but still haven't received it yet :(