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Titanfall Presented in Australia

By JcDent08-10-2013

Titanfall is most likely going to be an awesome multiplayer shooter with mechs. And now, Abie Heppe, the community manager at Respawn games (I got to talk to her at Tokyo Gameshow, yay), did a presentation about it during the EB Games Expo, in Australia. Hooray!

One thing I like about the video is that it is mostly free from the BS PR that infects some of the other current advertising campaigns. You hear what these people are saying? They don't want to give you "experiences", "control", "choice", they want to give you fun. Fun through wall running and jumping and driving a giant mech and fighting other mechs and having your mech follow you around and a lot of other things...

Abbie also mentions how wall running can be chained and boosted with a lot of double jumps, all of which should not only let you attack from many different angles, but also prevent camping. I don't know if that's as effective as HRV (basically "WALLHACK FOR EVERYONE") in Blacklight: Retribution, still it's a bold step in a new direction. Much bolder then "we added a dog" or "you can...place turrets, I guess?"

And the Titans are there, of course, with their upgrades (bullet grab that can be overloaded, electrified smoke to get pesky enemy pilots off your back) and such. There're going to be several types of them, with different abilities and animations. And they'll have dash, which will probably make them more agile than Blacklight's armored suits. Also, as previously mentioned, you can have them follow you as you run around as a pilot, basically using the Titan as bait.

Campaign multiplayer is also an interesting idea, with it looking like a MP match, but still having enough plothooks to set it apart from, say, Section 8 and Battlefield, since they don't really use their maps and their size (especially in Battlefield's case) to build an interesting SP game. So yeah, here we have characters and we have match intros (like you already saw in the GamesCom trailer, that is also displayed here, how they're rescuing another pilot) and epilogues. This is all looking very sweet... and very "effort".

So, like the GameSpot guy at the end of the video says, "come on, Titanfall, get it done."

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Titanfall was one of the best games I played at Eurogamer Expo...