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Titanfall Is Swamped

By Spellbound10-05-2014

The final map of the Expedition DLC has finally been revealed. Swamland was born from sheer chaos, if the developers are to be believed, when Titanfall was, and I quote, “embryonic.”

In this news post by the devs, they show the early stages of the map and concept art, and well as explain the direction they took

During playtesting of these early variations, something else became clear - the towering trees (which had been pushed to the periphery) needed to take center stage. They were a blast! Titans dodging around massive trunks; Pilots jumping from tree-to-tree like ninjas. All that additional infrastructure had pulled players away from this new and interesting fun that was happening around (and on!) the trees.

Ninjas. Yes.

A map like Swampland in a game like Titanfall does look like an interesting blend of nature and technology. The towering redwood trees and the ubiquitous fog create a palpable atmosphere that is guaranteed to draw players in. For the first few playthoughs anyway.

Watch the video above to see the making of the map! You can also check out the other maps of the DLC: War Games and Runoff.

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