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Titanfall Information Overload, also Beta Stuff

By CameronW18-02-2014

I hope you're interested in Titanfall, because we've got a bunch of information on it. Of course I'll have to preface this with saying that it's all taken from a post on Neogaf so as always it's possible that none of this is accurate in any way.

It looks like there're going to be 15 maps at release, as well as 6 game modes, 22 perks, 21 weapons, 10 titan weapons, and 14 Tactical Abilities assuming none of them are set aside for DLC. There're separate weapons, perks, and tactical abilities for Titans and basic Units, and the maps go from desert canyons to snowy military installations.

There's a ton of images of the maps in the Neogaf thread if my vague descriptions don't quite cut it for you. Which they shouldn't. There're also a lot of images and text for the weapons, perks, and tactical abilities, but I'll just keep this short as it's way too much stuff to cover one after another.

The Titanfall Beta has been confirmed via twitter to be ending on Febuary 19th. That's not a lot of time left. If you're a PC gamer that signed up, they also encourage you to keep checking your Origin account just in case you may have been thrown into the beta without getting a notification as long as you registered before 4 PM yesterday.

Tons of information, not enough space here to cover it all. Again, check out the Neogaf thread for the real goodies.

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