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Titanfall Emerges On Steam

By MrJenssen17-04-2014

You guys heard it here first! Titanfall is now on Steam. Huh? Oh, no no. Not THE GAME. I'm talking about Titanfall: The Final Hours. Similar to what was done with Tomb Raider, it's an E-book that "chronicles the making of TITANFALL from Respawn Entertainment". Sorry if I confused you there, wasn't my intention at all.

So, what is this thing anyway? Well, it's basically a behind-the-scenes documentary type thing similar to what you get thrown in to fill the space on the disc when you buy a movie on DVD or BluRay. Except it's not really a documentary. More of an E-book with text, pictures and video clips. To own this masterpiece of a marketing ploy for a game that is conveniently NOT available on the platform where the E-book is sold, you'll need to dish out 1,99 dollars/euros/shiny white pebbles. Yes, that's right. They are making YOU pay money to see their marketing campaign. Neat!

Does this mean that Titanfall will also eventually surface on Steam? Let's be honest here, of course it isn't. The "Final Hours" series has three iterations on Steam so far, but this is the first one that doesn't have a game being sold alongside it on Steam. I think this is more of an indication that EA are certainly NOT intending to bring Titanfall to Steam, and instead opt to try and lure people over to Origin after having purchased and read through the probably very exciting E-book on Steam. Brilliant plan, EA.

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