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Titanfall Doesn’t Have an Anti-Cheat Yet

By CameronW18-03-2014

If you've been glued to Titanfallfor the past few days you've possibly run into the issue that some people are reporting: Hackers. There's a pretty good amount of them and people are beginning to wonder why Respawn's anti-cheat system isn't stopping them. The reason? They haven't exactly turned the anti-cheat system on yet. That'll change really soon though according to Jon Shiring's Twitter account.

So if you're getting beat up by hackers on Titanfall, just hold onto your butt for a few days and hopefully the anti-cheat system will quell the numbers of those dirty cheater-folk. I'll admit it's a bit odd that the anti-cheat system wasn't offline for the game's launch, but I can let stuff slide at launch cause I'm that kind of guy.

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