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Titanfall Beta is Upon Us

By CameronW12-02-2014

The avalanche of Titanfall trailers that we've been getting over the past few months has been cool and all, but how about actually getting your hands on the game? Sounds a lot cooler, eh? Well you're in luck, assuming you aren't unlucky or you forgot to sign up for the beta which you can do right here. You better be quick, though. Signup ends on Friday February 14th at 4PM PST. That's not more than a couple days.

If you're a PC Gamer (and let's be honest, if you're not I'm questioning how you found us) you'll have to install Origin to download the client. If you don't get a message by February 18th PST then you either didn't get picked, or there was a freak e-mail server failure, probably the first one though.

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Posts: 1548

Registered as well. Really excited!

Posts: 3290

Welp, we'll have a preview up soon enough I'm sure. Then we'll all know

Posts: 1317

I signed up. But of course, it uses Origin. I have sincere doubt it'll be anything more than the typical generic shooter, with a few gimmicks slapped on top to make it "next gen". But hey, if there's a free opportunity to test the beta and see if I might actually be wrong for once about these kinds of games, I'll take it.