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Titan Mode Comes to BF4

By CameronW07-03-2014

Battlefield 4 is getting a new game mode with the Naval Strike expansion launching later this month, called Carrier Assault, where two teams battle to mess up to the other teams aircraft carrier to win the match. The map is populated with missile launchers that need to be used to damage the aircraft carriers so that infantry can attack it. Battlefield 2142 players will notice that this sounds incredibly similar to the Titan game mode, that's because it is.

Once a team controls the missile launchers for long enough for the missiles to damage the carrier's hull, Carrier Assault mode is active and you can drive a boat over to the enemy carrier, or use the parachute spawn points above the carrier to simply fall right onto it. Once on the carrier you destroy two M-COM stations to win the match.

"Carrier Assault has been a fun challenge to develop, with many important aspects to be aware of. As fans of the old Titan mode, we really wanted to nail the end game part of the game mode, where both teams are attacking each other's carriers. From a design point of view, it was important to create that special feeling of excitement that the potential different outcomes of a match generates.

"We also wanted to keep control of the map important, so a team which is having trouble pushing through inside the enemies' carrier can still win the level by defending their own carrier while controlling the missile launchers."

Bush_Killa-73 (great name, by the way) in the comments on the blog post made a good point on how the parachute spawn points above the carriers seems like it could cheapen the experience of actually getting onto the enemy boat. Of course there's really no telling on how everything plays out until we can get our hands on the expansion launching later this month.

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Posts: 3290

Pounding (easy tiger) the enemy ship with missiles does sound like a lot of fun. But...

Broken game is broken

Posts: 81

This sounds amazing. It's almost a reason to get back into BF4. Too bad it's still a lag fest for me.