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Tiny Tina's Five First Minutes

By MrJenssen21-06-2013

And so, the time has come. Ladies and gentlemen, the very last campaign DLC for Bordelands 2 is just around the corner. Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep is to be released on June 26, and is supposedly set inside a fantasy world created by Tina herself, acting as Dungeon Master of a tabletop RPG, which she plays with the characters of the first Borderlands. Embedded above, you can see the very first cutscene, and some gameplay footage from this new world to set things up. Similar to the gimmick of Call of Juarez: Gunslinger, this fantasy world will alter in real-time to Tina's narrative, as she builds the story and events up. We've touched upon the tone and thematics of the upcoming DLC later, so enough about that already.

Though it seems like a fun new expansion - complete with new locations, enemy types and surely plenty of loot - one of the things that has me personally intrigued, is the fact that the characters from the first Borderlands seem to be featured so extensively, as they discuss and bicker with each other at the table. Those who felt the older characters didn't get enough screen-time in Borderlands 2, will surely be happy to hear this.

So until the 26th, enjoy the video. And get yourself a handful of D24s. You're gonna need them.

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Posts: 1317

Yeah I CAN stand her, but I don't find her all that funny all the time. Quite pathetic, those people who say she's "racist" and what-not. But she's kinda unfunny. I'm more excited for the change in scenery and the new enemies. Hopefully they don't go lazy copy-paste style.

Posts: 3290

Lot of people don't like Tina. But she's so cute!

Posts: 341

Yay tourettes syndrome is so fun...