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Tiny Tina - The Most Offensive Racist Borderlands 2 Character Ever, Right?

By JcDent04-02-2013

White people, always the ones to jump at opportunity to call other white folks racist, are at it again. With discussion about the use of "nigger" in Django dying down (my official position is "yes, it was totally justified and used to great effect"), white guilt has found an outlet in Borderlands 2 and one of its NPCs - Tiny Tina.

For those not it the know - abject poverty and steel alloy conscience being in the way of getting Borderlands 2 - Tiny Tina is a murderous 13 year-old that supposedly uses black slang (TEH EVIDANCE).

White folks on twitter are all over this shit, going all "that's racist" (one of them even said "made me uncomfy", which is as white as it gets). Probably because TT uses several words that may have been at one time or another (80s?) associated with black people. Then again, it's a 13 year old that does not associate itself with black community; how is that racist or akin to "blackface"? Children are known to say a lot of stupid stuff. Also, she's British half the time - British in a way that English people in books from 200 years ago speak. Does that mean she's also discriminating the English???? THE QUEEN MUST KNOW!!!

Also, among the all the accusations of racism, nobody seems to care that this is a deranged MURDEROUS 13 year old that makes constant innuendos. Way to go, white people.

And while Anthony Burch, the writer of Borderlands 2, is on the cusp of folding to the threats of Tolerance-klan, other are standing up and saying "no way that's racist" - small surprise since TT is cited to be one of the most favorite characters.

Let me tell you something: not having to deal with any supposed "white guild" is one of the small perks of being born in a nation that never had colonies.

Anyways, what's your take on that? What's your black friend's (every white person to partake in a racial discussion has one or two) take on this? Discuss!

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