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Tinning the Stars Early

By Bobfish21-03-2014

The wait is over...sort of. Starpoint Gemini 2, published by the masters of the 4X genre, Iceberg, has arrived for our playing pleasure. Well, sort of. It's now available and playable, but it's a Steam Early Access (formerly known as Beta) title for the time being. However, it does come with a bunch of new tweaks and suchlike, as well as some gorgeous new screenshots to whet your appetite.

Wormholes – Free of charge, Wormholes are a one-way superfast travel method, but due to instability they are very dangerous and can result in damage or major catastrophe. Very popular way of travel among bandits and pirates.

Classy Choices – Players can now choose their player class at the start of a game.

Faster – By adding newer models, the game's load times are much faster.

T- Drive – Personal device for instant travel that can be mounted to any ship.

New Music – New tracks and SFX have been added to create a wider variety of moods and atmosphere.

Events – Local events that will feed the live news reels were added.

Balancing – A first balancing run has been done on the ship systems and equipment pricing.

At present, the game is retailing for $24.99/£19.99 and is actually advertising itself as, dramatic music, a Beta! That won’t stop people pissing and moaning about this not working of course, but what can you do? If you don't know what Early Access means by now...you could hold off a couple months for the final release, which is due in "Spring" 2014. So, in the next month or two.

Hold on to your socks kid. This is going to be a hell of a ride.

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