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Tinker Time with The Last Tinker

By BloodyFanGirl15-03-2014

In The Last Tinker: City of Colors players find themselves in the shoes of plucky young street kid Koru as they try to restore the spark of imagination to Colortown. In Mimimi Productions' latest project, Koru's home town has been overcome by The Bleakness and it's up to you to restore Colortown's vibrancy once more.

The Last Tinker's platforming gameplay has lead some to compare it to Banjo Kazooie and Jak & Daxter. In fact the CEO of Mimimi Productions, Johannes Roth, commented upon these comparisons, saying "We aim to pass on the legacy of these classics because we believe gamers of all ages will enjoy the unique blend of visual styles and the accessible modern gameplay of The Last Tinker: City of Colors."

Recently the game impressed attendees of the Casual Connect 2014 conference in Amsterdam, winning 'Best Game in Show' as decided by the audience. Unity Games has teamed up with Mimimi Productions on the release of this game because of how impressed they were with the game. Unity Games Vice President Oren Tversky even said, "[We] have been blown away by how a small indie team can create such an ambitious 3D platform adventure. The Last Tinker: City of Colors, heralds everything we look for in a Unity Games release - solid gameplay, intuitive controls and most of all - originality".

The game will be making its way to console platforms as well as PC, Mac and Linux (with full gamepad support) this Summer. Take a look at the charming pre-beta footage above and the official website here. Maybe even give the Facebook page a like too.

There are a few things in the press release for this game that really piqued my interest. Firstly, the story will apparently cover "present-day issues on culture and racism". How well they do this remains to be seen but I love that this is something they're at least attempting. Secondly, the game will include a mode for those with red-green colour blindness. Making your game accessible to as many people as possible is an admirable endeavour and something I'd personally like to see more developers attempt (Speaking of, you may remember the tongue and butt controller prototypes we covered a little while ago. Yay! Gaming for everyone). But what do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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