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Time to Take the Final Exam Early

By acharris7731-10-2013

Final Exam, the 2.5D sidescroller, unveiled a trailer showing its co-op mode, which will allow gamers to play with up to four friends. Also, those that pre-order will get a bonus: they will be able to play the first chapter of the game, via Steams Early Access. This can be played in either solo or co-op mode, which is good of them. There is a 4-pack, so you and 3 friends can purchase to play this great looking game.

While the game looks like it is already fun in single player, Final Exam takes on a new dimension in multi-player. When in co-op, players must decide how they want to progress: either split up to try and complete the objectives quicker, or stick together so that there is better chance of survival against the waves of monsters. Also new combat moves are available in co-op: "juggle" with the monsters to deny them an advantage, cover team-mates while they reload or just protect them.

When I watched the trailer, I did quite like the look of this game, which is from Mighty Rocket Studios, and I cannot wait to give it some play time. So I hope that when Final Exam gets released, there is no cheating. As cheating is not allowed in exams kids. Let us know your thoughts on cheating, eh I mean the game.

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