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Time to Shoot more Pixels

By Toast05-10-2013

Hey don't point that gun at us! What I mean is that Double Eleven have just announced that PixelJunk: Shooter is coming straight to PC, OS X and Linux systems.  Some of you may be confused if you've previously heard about it being released for the Playstation 3 back in 2009, you may ask yourselves why it would be suddenly coming now? Well children, it was decided with a previous game known as PixelJunk: Eden, that it was released for PC and actually outsold to the developer's expectations, thus they are deciding to release more of their titles on our desired platform of choice. The latest in the series was released earlier this year titled PixelJunk: Monsters Ultimate HD.

So....PixelJunk: Shooter consists of either 1 or 2 players controlling a subterranean based vehicle. The objective is to dig your way down while traversing into different enemies and elements e.g. water, lava etc. and tasking you to rescue the scientists trapped below. You have to bring them back the surface to ensure their safety. There are over 15 different stages for the player to progress through. Now that you're up to speed, we'll assume you're so anticipated for its release that you must desperately have one....it'll be arriving on Steam and other distributors on 11th November.

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Posts: 297

I bet it'll be enjoyable, just personally didn't like what they did with Monsters.

Posts: 166

This sounds quite good, I didn't mind PixelJunk: Monsters Ultimate HD, but tower defence games are not really my thing. But I look forward to giving this a try.