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Time is Strange

By Bunnysuit20-03-2015

The launch trailer has come out for the second episode of Life is Strange. This episode will be called "Out Of Time".

Max and Chloe are reforming their lost bond and everything seems to be going well for the girls but all around them, everyone else is falling apart. Katie Marsh is still being bullied, Rachel Amber is still missing, Nathan Prescot is still a fucking psycho, and a tornado is still on it's way to Arcadia Bay. Nothing that a little time travel won't fix, hopefully.

Meanwhile, a new potential adversary has appeared who is wearing Rachel Amber's bracelet. What is his relation to Rachel? Is he involved in her disappearance?

Life is truly strange for Max. Fix the problems of those in need; you have all the time in the world, right? Life is Strange episode 2 will be out on March 24 2015.

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My body is ready.

I wonder though, will the people bitching about it not being EPIC enough be satisfied now that there's an aspect of the end of the world (or at least Arcadia Bay) coming into it?