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Time for the Vikings to Smell the Roses

By Toast01-10-2013

Well I don't think the Vikings were the type that frolicked in flowers and sniffed them (flower power anyone?). Actually they were more into feasting after a long bloody battle and then afterwards heading out to war or for another invasion. So unlike War of the Roses you'll probably be playing as the Vikings and their enemies that they clashed against in 800AD Europe. You can expect it to play a lot like the predecessor, as it certainly doesn't seem to stray too far. Oh hey, guess what? If you have a free Steam account and if you happen to own War of the Roses: Kingmaker, you can actually try out the Alpha version of War of the Vikings right now on Steam until the 4th of October.

However, if you want to wait for the full version, you can expect it to be fully launched early next year.

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Flowery Vikings would be pretty damned pimpin', let's be honest