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Time for Batman to Blow Off Some Steam

By Toast19-08-2013

Batman, won't be playing around anymore with any silly Games (for Windows Live), he's taking it seriously now, full Steam ahead. Wait what? Oh right, well as you know of the upcoming release of Arkham Origins which is being developed by Warner Bros. Montreal this time around, along with Splash damage handling the multiplayer portion. But, this time around along with the new developers handing the prequel, the new game is dropping Microsoft's Live service in favour of Valve's Steamworks functionality, publisher Warner Brothers has confirmed.

Likely related to this switch is of the news of Games for Windows Live's Marketplace closing down on Xbox.com later this week. Although it is no secret that it wasn't very popular, and Valve's Steam platform is more so more accepted, it seems like a positive and logical transition. The features it will use for Steam haven't all been confirmed yet, but you can expect at the very least Steam achievements and Steam server based multiplayer with your Steam friends, no word on the likes of Steam Trading cards or Mac and or Linux support, we'll probably know sooner or later.

We'll likely hear more details about Arkham Origins from Gamescom this week, and can look forward to the release of it on 25th October.


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