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Thundering Into 1.33

By JcDent13-08-2013

Warthunder is a game set to give "World of" games a run for their money, but currently on chasing World of Warplanes. Well, guess what, this plane simulator has gotten a new patch.

Previously, there was very little that you could do with a plane in terms of its technical customization. Now, under the excuse that new pilots never got new planes in WWII, only used ones they had to tune up, a customization mode was implemented, where you'll have to buy your plane, one part at a time, to match designer specs. Of course, the lucky old players won't have their planes reverted to "barely holding together" state.

It's a strange take and makes it probably the only game where the player will never fly a non-used plane.

Also, a lot of new planes were introduced, among them - a Yak-9 with a 45mm cannon. Cannons really rock in the game (assuming you hit people) and shred lower tier planes to shreds.

Those are the main two things that stand out in this patch. Have you tried this already?

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God damn, i'll have to give this one a try at some point, fingers crossed for a Steam version at some point.