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Through the Wormhole to Early Access

By acharris7707-09-2013

After a teaser trailer was released showing footage of a ship orbiting a planet and promise that there will be no loading screens, Starpoint Gemini 2 has launched on Steam as part of their Early Access program. A trailer was released which is showing off some of the game's visuals. So gamers can finally play the game with stunning visuals.

Gamers who are interested in this space Sim/RPG can purchase it for the special Early Access price of $19,99/€18,99/£14.99 and this will also include the original Starpoint Gemini. The developers are looking for feedback from gamers who take part in the Early Access, as this will help them to tailor the game to what the fans want. As usual let us know below if you'll be taking part in the Early Access or just your opinion on the game.

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That looks very goof though I never played the first one.