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Three-Day Heist and Better Stealth In Update 25

By MrJenssen20-03-2014

Remember how I've been bitching about Payday 2 not getting any heists bigger than a single "day" post-release? Well, I'm not the only one. And it seems developer Overkill have paid attention.

You'll notice that Payday 2 is on sale right now, along with all its DLC. It's also completely free to play for the duration of the weekend. That's great news if you don't already own the game, but if you're a veteran of many a heist and many a prestige level, you'll likely want more. And boy, does Overkill deliver.

First of all, there's the new heist. The 'Election Day' heist is a three-day heist is equivalent to the other heists you get from The Elephant, in that they're complex and complicated. It's not just about getting inside a bank, drilling the vault, and hauling the cash out into a waiting van. Clicking the various items you find on the Election Day site reveals more information, including a faux political campaign site for a Bob McKendrick running for mayor in Washington D.C. Apparently, The Elephant wants McKendrick as mayor real bad, so much so that he's hired you guys to stage quite a spectacular heist that involves hacking ballot machines and more. Depending on how silent - or not silent - you are, it seems the outcome might vary by quite a lot.

Sounds pretty sweet, eh? But that's not all. The stealth system has been reworked and tweaked, also providing a significant experience boost to players who finish heists without ever alerting guards or the police. A few skills have been added, like the ability for ghosters to temporarily trick cameras by looping the footage shown, and the mastermind's spotter ability which gets in an outside man that'll help spot enemies while in stealth mode. There is also a pistol, the "Chimano Custom" which looks a hell of a lot like the H&K MK23. For the full list of changes and additions, check out the full changelog published by Overkill.

The update should automatically be applied to your game on Steam already.

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