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THQ - Potential Source of $$$?

By Bis18marck7022-11-2012

By now you should know that THQ, the studio behind Darksiders, Company of Heroes, the Saints Row series and of course several Warhammer 40K games, is in somewhat of a tight spot – and that’s putting it lightly. Ever since their Fiscal 2013 report was published, hysteria has reigned supreme concerning this developer with a lot of doom-saying mixed in between. THQ bankruptcy wouldn’t be great, neither for us nor the employees themselves, that much is true. But it wouldn’t be the end of the world.

Because of this crisis THQ has delayed some of their big titles after Darksiders II underperformed in terms of sales but that isn’t what should worry us. What should worry us are the $50 million THQ doesn’t have. The tug-of-war between banks, investors, developer and the community is in full swing and THQs stocks are of course the first to suffer being at a lowly $1.10. Compare that with the $3.02 value each stock held on the day the Fiscal report was released, you’ll see why there might be a problem. And that’s not all, with rumours of takeovers and staff taking off ‘without’ notice, it couldn’t be any better.

THQ has until the 15th of January before Wells Fargo get down on them – and not in the nice way. That might give them some time, but seeing that they do not have any major releases before this date, where is the money supposed to come from? Well, there might be a solution. Apparently THQ is now in negotiations with a financial sponsor who values his right to stay anonymous. Whatever comes out of it, we will see soon. If the discussions are not as fruitful as one might hope, THQ might be forced to sell some of their bigger titles to other companies but whether they are suited to make Company of Heroes or Metro: Last Light…well, only the future can tell. Until then, let’s hope for the best but expect the worse.


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