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THQ Liquidation Approved

By ember18-07-2013

It's been what seems like a long time since THQ shut down. The bankruptcy auction for the company closed back in January of this year and fans wondered what would happen with certain games like the Stick of Truth. Luckily though Stick of Truth and other games like Saints Row IV are in good hands. I myself took a look at Saints Row IV and Volition Games seems quite happy with Deep Silver as their new publisher.

Regardless, another step in the whole process has come to pass. THQ has received approval for liquidation from the US bankruptcy court in Deleware. Creditors still owed could receive anywhere from 20 percent to 52 percent of what is owed to them. Currently it is estimated that claims are between $143 to $184 million. Yikes...

Bankruptcy is not a fun ordeal to go through and it's sad that it happened to a such a good company. In the meantime we have other developers and publishers laughing all the way to the bank while taking advantage of the gamers. What has the world come to?


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Will this ever end?!