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THQ Community Communiqué

By Bis18marck7018-12-2012

Listen up, Kamerad! In an official communique, Greg Wilson the Producer of Company of Heroes 2 has addressed the community with the hope to ‘connect with the Community and keep everyone abreast of what we’re working on’.

So what exactly are they working on? Well, they are preparing for their Alpha Stress Test which is, as the name says, basically a time during which the servers for the multiplayer are being taken to their limit to find possible problems with compatibility and connectivity issues. If you want to get involved, check out our previous news and sign-up.

And after that, you might ask? Well, there is the Closed Beta coming up early January for those that happened to have snatched up a key at Events or via the Pre-Order. Until then? Well, a few trailers will tease us until that date.

What about post-launch, does THQ have any plans for that? Well yes actually, they do. THQ will bring the usual bug fixes and balance updates but also provide free content (yes, you heard that right – free content) as the time goes on. The opt-in upgrade known as Command Pass will provide you with advanced map access and several other bonuses but it seems, and we hope this proves to be true, no special in-game bonuses which will affect the balance of the game or split the community.

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