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This Isn't the Wrong Number

By ember18-07-2013

Hotline Miami launched with a bang. The indie game was one of the few that was widely talked about in game media. Not even a year after it's release a sequel is in the works.

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number was originally supposed to be DLC for the first game but instead took a different path.

Wrong Number is similar to the first game in that you are still going around killing thugs and making a bloody mess. However, the difference is within some game play aspects and the story. In Hotline Miami 2 you play as different people in various factions that are copying what you did in Hotline Miami. It takes place before, during, and after the first game. As for game play certain characters have things that they can and can not do. For instance Tiger man will not be able to pick up his enemies' weapons but can deal a fatal one hit melee blow.

There will also be a brand new sound track for the game.

The devs for Hotline Miami 2 are claming that the game will have more of an emphasis on storytelling and a much larger scope than what the original had. They seem to want to show the consequences of what one group of people do. It sends ripples across the pond, and those can become good or bad things.

After Wrong Number there will be no more to the saga. Personally I think that's for the best. It's better to keep producing original IP than milk something forever and ever. Some franchises I would kill for more and more sequels like Kingdom Hearts and the Arkham series. While others...no...just no.

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