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This is Shenoween

By Bobfish30-10-2015

Have you been wondering what Ys Net have been doing with all that money from their Kickstarter? Not to mention all the money they are still raking in from the "slacker backer" scheme? Well wonder no more, because we have our very first, genuine in game (alpha build) screenshots and an interview with Suzuki-sama himself to wet our appetites.


The thatched roof house is the one that caught my attention. Pretty sure that's Shenhua's house, and it has never looked so good. The shadow effects and overal sharpness of the image are already showing how much everything has been improved by adopting Unreal 4. It's nice to see that our money (I pledged $160) is going to good use and I cannot wait to get my hands on the first playable build. Surely that must be coming soon right?

Make sure to watch this space, 'cause I will be all over that dick as soon as it arrives.


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