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This 3-In-1 Trailer For GTA V Will Make You Gaga

By MrJenssen30-04-2013

It shouldn't come as news to anybody at this point, that Grand Theft Auto V will tell the stories of three distinctly different protagonists. Michael, Franklin and Trevor.

In a steaming hot new trailer, embedded above, you'll get a tidbit of story set-up for each of the three characters. Michael is the ex-criminal who now lives a seemingly comfortable rich man's life, but still can't shake his past endeavours off his mind. Franklin is the thug in search for glory on the streets as a gangster. Trevor is... Well, Trevor is Trevor. A trailerpark hillbilly nutcase.

So what are you waiting for? Haven't Rockstar proven themselves enough for you? Go! Shoo!

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Posts: 241

Wow, great trailer (s?) I'm so excited for this game, all the characters looks great.

Posts: 1548

Haha that was awesome!