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Thief Screenshots are Still Really Gloomy and Thief-Ridden

By CameronW25-01-2014

Every time we get our hands on more Thief screenshots I can't help but ponder how crappy it must be to live in "the City" what with all the rain and everything, oh and also the fact that buildings seem to have this odd reputation for bursting into flames. And the legions of thieves running around stabbing people to death.  No, but seriously though, look at all that rain! My shoes would get all wet. Bummer.

I feel like I've been seeing Thief pretty nonstop for a long time now, but hey! We're finally only a month away from seeing if it will end up being any good or not. I'm putting my money somewhere between "game of the year all years" and "horrible trainwreck that has ruined the thief franchise for all time." I'm confident that I'll be right on the money.

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