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Thief Redesigned To Appeal To Console Market

By Mokman14-03-2013

Thief 4

Well, here's news to give every real PC fanatic an apoplexy. Eidos Montreal, in their interview with GameInformer have brazenly stated that it plans to ruin the series. Yes, I know I'm being biased here, but I daresay my sentiments are shared by pretty much the entire PC population. How dare they? How dare you?! The statements feels like a punch to the stomach.

We wanted to bring in more for the modern audience of today’s console market.”

He’s now in the game doing more action moves – on that side we wanted the costume and the suit to reflect that. In the beginning he was more gothic. We toned down all the things that felt gothic, for example black nails and things like that. We want to make him a little bit more mainstream on that. Yes he’s a dark character, but we don’t want people to say he’s a gothic one.

Yes. It is as bad as it sounds. So what Eidos Montreal are doing now is, instead of banking on one of the most critically acclaimed series in the entire history of PC gaming, they plan to bastardize it by attempting (and probably falling far short) to emulate Dishonored. And I daresay that in rejecting their roots, they will fail miserably at surpassing Dishonored too. This sickens me. I'm off to play some Thief II: The Metal Age and cry.

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Posts: 267

Doesn't sound well at all.

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They did so bloody well reviving Deus Ex with Human Revolution so I really, really hope they change their mind here.