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Thief Launch Trailer

By Bunnysuit20-02-2014

Square Enix celebrates the upcoming February 25 release of Thief with this launch trailer. The first thing that caught my attention was the game cinematics, they were beautiful. The trailer opens with Garret asking a man in a boat if he believes in "ghost". The ghost is shown in flashbacks to be his former prodigy, but it also implies the gameplay mechanic that requires stealth. When I think of ghost, I think of a being that I can sense the presence of, but can't pinpoint exactly where. A ghost is also an entity to fear, that describes what Garrett is perfectly. Garret is running away from a ghost, but he is also a ghost.

There are still some plot elements that aren't very clear.  I'm curious to see how being a thief makes you a hero in a corrupt society. I found the tagline "What's Yours Is Mine" hilarious, because it reminded me of the light-hearted pixel game Monaco.

You can pre-purchase Thief on Steam, and there is currently a contest with many cool prizes for mod developers.


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Posts: 1548

Apparently I already bought it some time ago. Just found an Email from GMG with a code :D

Posts: 3290

Still a few days to go, maybe you'll have an unexpected windfall

Posts: 1548

The game looks very good. Wish I had some spare money for a pre-order :(