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Thief 4: Dishonored

By JcDent17-08-2013

Thief 4 - officialy Thief or, if the 'tard is strong within you/you're a game marketing director, Thi4f - rebooting the shit out of Garret, the master thief who, in the previous games, thieved his way through magic and clockwork.

Now, it seems, he's gonna rob Dunwall. Look at the trailer, listen to the "scathing" social commentary and tell me that's not Dishonored. Industrialization making the rich richer, the poor poorer, mysterious plague that kills the destitute, some wealthy asshole talking about not letting the grubby hands of widows and starving orphans stop the wheel of progress.... Hell, alll of the mess in Dishonored started because one of the high placed guys thought that you deal with poverty like you do with cockroaches.

And, of course, there are anachronisms, like plate armored troops enforcing the peace in the streets and Garret using his (clockwork) bow. Basically, the devs really wanted to make this into Dishonored, but wanted to keep some medieval aesthetics from the previous games. Which featured fights between machinery and the satyr god of nature and chaos (don't know that well, haven't played them).

Will magic survive into Thief? Or will this game be about Garret uncovering a conspiracy to use the bodies of the poor plague victims as kindling for the fire in Victorian steam vibrators?

Only time will tell!

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Posts: 1317

It feels like Dishonored, but without the same feel. Thief's feel is too anonymous.

Posts: 3290

I think the main problem is that it looks so much like Dishonored, rather than it's own thing

Posts: 233

uh yes!

Posts: 351

I dont know what it is but this game is not doing it for me, it looks okay.