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These Homefront 2 Screenshots Are Fittingly Grim

By MrJenssen08-10-2013

The original Homefront was kind of mediocre. It had great potential, where the developers promised that the player wouldn't be some supersoldier with infinite ammo, gunning down every single enemy all by himself. The developers delivered on exactly what they promised not to do, so that wasn't a great start. In addition, the story went nowhere, the characters were uninteresting, and you were apparently too busy killing enemies that you never learned how to kick down doors yourself. You had to rely on your "AI" "team" "mates" to do that for you instead.

Anyway, after the release of Homefront, developer Khaos Studios went down for the count, and their publisher THQ followed soon after. Luckily, (I guess?) CryTek stood ready to pick up the torch and move the franchise forward by announcing that they would be the developers of Homefront 2 earlier this year. There was much rejoicing.

Since then, we haven't heard a whole lot from the team. But our scannerless buddies over at VG24/7 have luckily gotten hold of some work-in-progress screenshots from the game. In other words, the Homefront sequel is still alive and kicking under CryTek's banner. The screenshots themselves, which you can see in the gallery below, seem to do that whole "America has been invaded" style quite well, though it is arguably not very original these days.  You know, between the half a dozen or so movies with this theme released in the past few years, the Call of Duty games, Battlefield 3 and the original Homefront, the concept is growing about as old and overused as the zombie apocalypse.

I don't know about you, but I'm not entirely sure what to think about this sequel. Seeing as the past Crysis sequels are more akin to Call of Duty than the original Crysis, I don't think we can expect Homefront 2 to be much better than the original. In the worst case, we'll get another corridor shooter with a bland story. But hey, at least the graphics will apparently be awesome.


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Traitors and people with no taste, the lot of you.

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Hey, you're the odd one here! :P

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All three of you deserve to be shot!

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I liked the multiplayer.

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I liked Homefront as well so you're not alone ;)

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I sometimes feel like the only person alive who actually liked the first game :/