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There is no Lucas, There is Disney

By Bobfish29-07-2013

At the end of last week, both Disney and EA went on a domain registering spree. And guess what? They're all Star Wars related. All of the registered names appear to be relating to one, specific entry in the franchise. The as yet unknown Attack Squadron/s. EA claimed AttackSquadron.com and AttackSquadron.net, whilst LucasArts (aka Disney) claimed StarWarsAttackSquadrons.com, AttackSqaudrons.com and StarWarsSquad.us.

As yet, there has been no sign of an official announcement regarding any of this, so what it all means is still very much up for debate. There is a possibility EA may be squatting on the domains they claimed in some kind of childish middle finger, but I doubt that. I would say it is far more likely this is the first step in the exclusive deal they were granted. The real question right now. Is this indicative of a joint film and game venture?

What do you make of it all? Comments below.

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Top secret stuff right here, betcha they'll be cranking away at a shit-ton of star wars stuff to come out a little bit before, between and after this upcoming movie from Disney, basically next of EA's and Disney's money making machine, question is if they will at least do a somewhat good job of it.