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There’s No Turning Back

By MatthewJMimnaugh16-11-2013

CCP announced a new expansion to the New Eden universe.  While the trailer was more on the theatrical side as always, the script gave a pretty clear impression of what will be include—or at least the story behind it.  EVE Online: Rubicon boasts a whole host of new content, including new ships, tech, and "ghost sites."  This will pose a new arena for explorers and industrialists to expand and control, while the more combat oriented folks can take a stab at guerilla-style warfare.

Called by some detractors more spreadsheet than MMO, the subscription based game is evidently doing something right in a growing world of free to play.  Part of this, undoubtedly, is CCP's continued dedication to expanding content and giving players unmatched control over the game universe.  EVE Online is available for download and free to play for 14 days.  After that, rates vary, though start at £9.99 a month and go down the more months are purchased at once.


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