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There’s a Disturbance in the Force

By Doubleplus28-11-2013

It seems that now EA has the exclusive rights to Star Wars video games in its claws, it seems to want to put it to good use. Rumor has it that EA Canada is working on an Open world game based on the Star Wars Universe. This comes most likely as a revival of the canned open world Star Wars game Star Wars 1313. This is alongside DICE developing a new Battlefront and Visceral games working on an unnamed Star Wars game. Well, no matter what, this may seem like a good thing, but this is EA. Nothing that they do with Star Wars...it will never be as godawful as The Old Republic, I dont have high hopes for these future games.

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I like The Old Repubic, especially since they've added fighter combat in space, but I can see why so many people have issues with it. Maybe we are finally getting grand theft Star Wars :)