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The Word For “Change Your Pants” In Alien-Speak Is “Andromedon”

By ElderCub06-11-2015

OK well not actually, you may be inclined to check your pants at the very least. The Andromedon class soldier takes the brains and brawn of organic and mechanical alike, and stuffs them into a hulking mech suit. The Andromedon is able to tear walls down in a single swing, so take note and plan accordingly. While it may reduce your cover, it may also open chances to return fire. Watch out for the mechsuit’s internal coolant, the acidic compound affects an area and all soldiers who stand in it. While boasting heavy firepower, it also sports an impressive defence. Fire, poison, and acid rounds won’t help against this powerhouse, so save it for someone else. Now, if all that weren’t enough, intel suggests that the Andromedon pilot and suit can occasionally operate separately.

So if that’s not enough to scare you off, XCOM 2 will be launching February 5th, 2016. Never played XCOM? Never heard of it? XCOM is a turn-based tactic game where you control units on a gridded map of varying terrain and obstacles. Use your units to dispose of the enemies. If that sounds interesting, check out our review of XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

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More like alien-speak for "change your keyboard cause you just smashed it out of frustration due to the bullshit dice rolls"

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More like alien-speak for "Big Daddy"!