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The Witness: Your Honour, VR Blows

By acharris7704-12-2013

It is looking like these days that, if you are stalling on a project and looking for a reason, announce you are implementing VR. Simply, take existing screenshots, duplicate them, put them side-by-side and say working on 3D stereoscopic. While we all know that Jonathan Blow is too clever, and not stalling, he has convinced a lot of people with the screenshots that VR is incoming to his title, The Witness.

He asked the question on The Witness Blog: "What could it mean?" before posting images. So it looks that another game is going to be using Oculus Rift when it gets released on the PC early next year, or will we witness it? Guess we have to wait and see. But it does look good though.

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Oh Gods dude, I'm dying. I am actually dying XD