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The Witcher is on the Trail

By Kelevandos24-10-2014

The intro cinematic of Witcher 3 we mentioned earlier is here. Just as expected, it delivers all the graphical awesomeness the animators from CDProject Red had taught us to expect. Moreover, it does not simply include Yennefer, as yours truly speculated earlier. It is ABOUT Yennefer. How cool is that?

In the vid, we follow the footsteps of Geralt, who is surveying a site of a recent battle. Each clue leads to another, telling a flashback story of Yen escaping the battlefield. During her escape, she manages to do a lot of funny things, among them a spectacular destruction of Sandor Clagane'ish soldier, bumping into the antagonist from the "Killing Monsters" trailer and finally massacring a segment of Nilfgaard's cavalry charge formation. She then mounts one of the remaining steeds and rides off.

There is a couple interesting things about this video, lore-wise. First of all, Geralt is not alone, pretty much like during the "Killing Monsters" cinematic. However, this time his companion can be identified beyond any doubt. He is Vesemir, Geralt's tutor and the oldest of the witchers. Good to see the old man again, as he is actually pretty badass. Secondly, there is a full-scale war going on and Yennefer is somehow involved, seeing how she got caught between the two forces, apparently siding with neither. And, last but not least, they finally got her neckpiece right! It is supposed to be a crystal-star-adorned velvet ribbon, not some fancy necklace she had in the gameplay sneak-peek. Points for listening to the fanbase, CDP!

I could keep writing, but it will be best if you stop reading and start watching. And after you do that, buy the books and read them. There is still plenty of time until the 24th of February.

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Posts: 3290

What's wrong with her necklace?

And DAYUM that was frikkin' awesome

Posts: 127

Oh, now I see the youtube thumbnail actually still gets her neckpiece wrong :-(