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The Witcher 3 Delayed, To Feature a Second Playable Character

By Gronnings15-12-2014

In some highly unexpected news, CD Projekt RED have announced out of nowhere that The Witcher 3 will have two playable characters. The developers have also delayed the release of the game until 19 May, 2015; the game was originally slated for release on 24 February next year.

Since these two pieces of news have been announced, I've been wondering whether the decision to include a second playable wasn't part of the original plan for the game. It would certainly explain the delay, and the surprise announcement. I have an inkling that this second character was originally playable during short interludes, like a few characters were in The Witcher 2, but that CD Projekt RED have since decided to expand this character's role. Now that they have everything else in place, it wouldn't be impossible to expand that character's (playable) role.

CD Project RED did not announce who the character would be, but did say that they appeared in the new trailer. As for who the character is: she will be a woman, I'm sure, so it's either Yennefer, Triss, or Ciri. The developers did mention around the time of The Witcher 2 that they intended to continue The Witcher series past the trilogy, with Ciri, so she seems the most likely candidate. I would have preferred Yennefer, frankly, as she seems to have more dimension (also, she's a sorceress; who doesn't want to be a sorceress?), but I'll be okay with Ciri.

Who's your pick?

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