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The Witcher 2: Combat Evolved

By breadbitten09-06-2013

Dedication, ladies and gentlemen, is what separates a good developer from a great one. You'd think that the folks at CDProjekt RED would be content with how their acclaimed action RPG, The Witcher 2, was eventually fine-tuned into the polished state we see now, but you'd be wrong. Designer Andrzej Kwiatkowski is currently hard at work on a mod (made possible by the recently released REDKit mod tools) that seeks to overhaul the game's core combat mechanics. The full list of tweaks being made by the developer contains:

- overall purpose of the mod is to increase Geralt's responsiveness and mobility

- Geralt can parry attacks while he's walking and running (new animations)

- Geralt reacts faster to keyboard/gamepad buttons

- active block was replaced by active Quen

- during heavy battle Geralt uses pirouettes and focus (new animations)

- difficulty levels were rebalanced

- Geralt does not "bump" away from opponent's swords when his attacks are parried which allows quick continuation of the attack sequence

- opponents explode when particular attacks are used, e.g. Igni causes opponent explosion, just like in The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition intro

- elixirs have negative influence

There's still no word on when the mod might be available for download (the size of which is estimated to be around the 8GB mark, according to Andrzej), but the man deserves a standing ovation for his dedication because remember that he's also quite obviously very busy working his magic on The Witcher 3.

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NO REASON FOR YOU TO SLACK OFF NOW, CADMAN! Time to try Witcher 2 again.

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Oh, polish people, you so crazy.