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The White March Approaches

By zethalee07-08-2015

Though it may have been announced back at 2015's E3, Pillars of Eternity's first expansion, The White March, is not far away, releasing on the 25th of August, and with it comes some new content, changes, and more. Initially offered as a pledge add-on for the original Kickstarter backers of Pillars of Eternity, the first part of The White March has no price, even just a few weeks away from the release, but does offer quite a bit for both first-time and veteran players:

  • New companions: a new thief and monk companion are available to join the party
  • Higher level cap: Two new levels, bringing the current level cap to 14, offer new spells and abilities for all classes
  • Multi-class talents: Players can now opt for talents of other classes, albeit in a stripped-down form from the original
  • Soulbound weapons: These weapons are class-specific, and offer new abilities to the specific class
  • New area and quest content: Players will attempt to unseal the legendary White Forge, either for altruistic reasons or for their own personal gain
  • New party AI system: Players can set up scripts and behaviors for their party members, streamlining the need to micromanage every action

Again, there's no word on pricing for the expansion, which is odd, as it's not more than a few weeks away. Regardless, if you obliterated much of the main game in Pillars of Eternity already, and are looking for some (optionally) level-scaled content to keep to entertained, The White March (part one) isn't far away.

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