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The Watch Dogs Watcher

By Bobfish27-03-2013

On the surface little more than a re-release of the already highly exposed PlayStation 4 Watch Dogs premiere video, Ubisoft now offer us the ctOS Threat Monitoring Report. There really is nothing new here in terms of footage, save a few alternate camera angles and freeze frame effects, so those looking for more in that respect may be disappointed. However, what it does offer, through a clipped female voice over, is a deeper explanation of precisely what the protagonist, Aiden Pierce, actually do with all those fancy toys. And that's worth paying attention to. It seems he got his hands on the titular ctOS, something which was planned to be made available to the Chicago (where the game is set) Police Department. Which has me wondering, will we start out with all of these toys, or will the opening of the game actually play through the theft itself? That still remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure, Watch Dogs is shaping up to be an incredible game. So, hack through our comment wall and leave your thoughts in the server below.

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You and me both mate

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Seriously can't wait for this game!!! It has been in development a long time too, so definitely anything but rushed :D