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The WarZ Goes Dirty. Again!

By MrJenssen20-06-2013

You guys remember The War Z, right? Sure you do. One of the most controversial games in the past few years, The War Z blatantly attempted to cash in on the popularity of the slightly similar ArmA 2 mod, DayZ. Using a lot of assets from the F2P game War Inc., not only was it a ripoff of DayZ, a badly made game and a broken, buggy mess to boot. It was also released with a set of false promises. Using bullshot images and listed features that were clearly lacking in the actual game in order to market the game on Steam. Developer Hammerpoint Interactive quickly found out that it's not easy to get away with such a scam in this modern day and age. You know, what with the internet and all.

The game hit rock bottom time and time again in reviews, including ours, people demanded their money returned, and so on. Instead of doing what most developers would do in a scenario like this - which is to apologise and promise to make everything better - Hammerpoint resorted to bully tactics, blacklisting people who asked for their money returned, banning negative nancies from the forum and so on. As a result, the internet went even more bananas, and Steam was forced to pull the game from its store altogether. This all eventually resulted in the developer almost-but-not-really admitting their guilt in an "open" letter to the "fans".

Since then, the game has come back to Steam, servers have been taken down numerous times due to hacking, and plenty of other juicy fun stuff to read about.

Recently, the game's been on sale on Steam, where it apparently sold a decent block of copies. It even made it to the "top sellers" list at one point. Most gamers apparently have the memory of goldfish. It's likely in connection with this sale, that Hammerpoint have hatched out a clever scheme. By that, I mean yet another clever scheme. You see, The War Z is now suddenly nowhere to be found on the Steam store. Where is it? Gone? Taken down again? Removed forever? Nope. Apparently - without really bothering informing anyone - the devs have just casually switched the name of the game, to something completely different. It's now called Infestation: Survivor Stories.

Why did they change the name? Your guess is as good as mine. Though the developer's Facebook page lists an official reason, we shouldn't forget who we're actually talking about here. I won't even dignify their lying nature by quoting them.

Actually, I think I have a pretty good guess for the REAL reason of the namechange, so I'll share it with you. Though sales surely went up during the last Steam sale, the game's image wasn't exactly stellar. Far too many people knew the story of the trashy game and the developer that's even trashier. Too many knew too much. Changing the name of the game, without informing anyone, would likely cause improved sales tenfold during the next Steam sale. And need I remind you all, we're very close to the Steam summer sale here. It's likely no coincidence. Luckily, this under-the-nose namechange didn't go unnoticed, and that's why we're here, to avoid allowing Hammerpoint to rip off even more people. People like you, who might have made the innocent mistake of thinking this was a different game, and bought it as an impulse purchase.

The moral of the story is; Kids, don't support bad business practices. Developers of bad games deserve a second chance. Especially when their heart is in the right place. Anyone can make mistakes. Anyone can make a bad game. As long as the company responsible is honest with you, and tries its very best to undo their mistakes, you should show them respect for that. They're human beings, after all.

...But there are a few, very rare exceptions. There're times when, not only is the game bad, but more importantly, the company involved is clearly out to do nothing but rip you off and treat you, as a customer, like shit - time and time again - without even attempting to improve...that's when you should never EVER support them. It doesn't matter how cheap the game gets. Even if it turns free-2-play, you shouldn't touch it. Even if you have tried the game already, and end up liking it. You should never play this game. Because if you do, then you accept this sort of abysmal customer treatment. You allow them to continue this abhorrent practice. So do yourself, and the rest of mankind, a favour. Stay away from "Infestation". Because no stories coming out of this game will ever weigh up for the lost self-respect you've sacrificed by booting it up. So show that you have a spine. Just stay away from it. You're welcome.

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Posts: 3290

Blame Merc! It's a *puts on sunglasses* Hammercpoint

Posts: 1317

Hammerpoint have already taken that star, converted it into microtransactable items and sold it to thousands of innocent civilians for enormous profit.

Yes, it's all your fault. Shame on you!

Posts: 351

Can I take away the only star I gave it in a review?

Posts: 297

It's beyond a joke, honestly. Should be renamed The Scam Z.

Posts: 127

I find it surprising that Valve, known for a rather individual approach towards what sells on Steam, allows this. This game should be taken down once and for all.

Posts: 3290

Hey Hammerpoint, here's an idea. Stop being crap